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The above are images of the grave site, Margret's marker, and Heinrich Wittmer. The picture of Margret was taken on July 25, 1996 (shortly after her 92nd birthday). Click on the photos for full size images.

Richard Polatty

Margret Wittmer, the oldest settler in Galapagos, passed away on March 21, 2000 after spending a full life on the Island of Floreana. She arrived in 1932 from Germany with her husband Heinz, a 12 year old stepson Harry, and two Alsatian dogs Hertha and Lump. She also arrived pregnant and gave birth to her own two children on the island. The Wittmers started out in a pirate cave in the highlands of Floreana, moved later to a lava hut with a goat skin roof, and finally to a "Baltra Pine" house on the coast at Black Beach. Her life was an incredible mixture of adventures from her experiences with the Baronessa to the more mundane of raising a family on a desert island. The Wittmers were visited by such personalities as Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt to thor Heyerdahl. Margret wrote a book about her experiences that has been rated as one of the 500 best books written by women.

She is survived by her son Rolf  (born Jan 2, 1933)  and daughter Ingeborg Floreanita (born April 17, 1937) and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Margret also left behind many friends including myself. I was lucky enough to see her quite often. Her health had been declining recently but her mind was sharp as always almost to the time of her passing at almost 96 years old. Margret always had a twinkle in her eye. She will be missed.

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